Hamahiga Tuifa (Tonfa)

The World's Finest Handcrafted Tonfa

The Hamahiga Tuifa is for the serious practitioner.
The old style design is hand crafted to traditional Kobudo specifications.
It is designed for combat.
It is NOT round and NOT light weight for competition.

The Hamahiga Tuifa is a serious Kobudo weapon.
It is made of Jatoba, a very popular wood in Okinawa or Cocobola/Jatoba or rosewood/Jatoba Laminates

Handcrafted and perfectly balanced.
The Hamihiga Tuifa is slightly heavier than Oak and is very strong.

All weapons are made for the individual.
Measure from the tip of the extended index finger to the end of your bent elbow.

 Traditional Okinawa Martial Arts Weapon 

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Hamahiga Tuifa

Hamahiga Tuifa


Exotic Hardwoods

 Retail Price $259 * * * Sale Price $189

Exotic Hardwood Laminates

 Retail Price $349 * * * Sale Price $289

Rare Okinawa Laminate to Exotic Hardwoods

 Retail Price $389 * * * Sale Price $349

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