Hanshi Peter Carbone

Hanshi Peter Carbone

Hanshi Ku Dan Soke-Keizon,

Hanshi Peter Carbone 

has had the great honor of studying under four Grand Masters. 

He acquired the prestigious ranks of 8th Degree Karate, and holds the master teaching title of Kyoshi and the very prestigious rank of 

Grand Master 9th Degree Kobujutsu weaponry with 

the highest master teaching title of Hanshi accompanied with 

Soke-Keizon, most respected. 

Hanshi Peter Cabone and Kiichi Nakamoto Soke, Hanshi Judan

Ryukyute Kobujutsu Hozon Budo Kyokai - "Ryukodo"

Hanshi Peter Carbone has been Commissioned as the of President of the "Ryukyunote Dento Kobujutsu Kyokai", Traditional Weapons Preservation Society in America, based in Okinawa. martial arts weapons karate weapons

Carbone, Angi Uezu, Oyata, Presas

Hanshi Peter Carbone has traveled to, trained in, and taught in Okinawa over 35 times spanning many years of his career.  His knowledge of the Okinawan culture, philosophy, and martial arts history is extensive.

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